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Friday Afternoon Program

We plan to finish the Friday program at 4:30 pm. So until Gala dinner we would have a 2-3 hours of free time. A number of options would be available for this time interval. You may, of course, just relax in the nice setting of Yucelen Hotel until we depart for Gala Dinner. Or you may take advantage of this interval and take a boat tour of Azmak river which is little distance away from Yucelen Hotel. In either case make sure that you would be ready in front of Yucelen Hotel at 7:00pm to depart for Dalyan where we would have our Gala Dinner. Alternatively you may depart for Dalyan at 5:00 pm and make either a boat tour of Dalyan river up to Iztuzu beach (turtles’ breeding ground) or if you prefer visit Kaunos Antique City.

Gala Dinner 

Gala Dinner  will  take place at Safran Restaurant,  Dalyan at the shore of the river. We plan to start the dinner at 8:00 pm.The restaurant faces Lycian Rock Tombs on the other side of the river illuminated during the night. We plan to have the dinner in open air which would give us a chance to enjoy the scenery. We plan to return to Akyaka/Mugla not later than 24:00.