The best poster awards are given to young researchers whose work  in terms of  content,  the quality of research and the presentation  are extraordinary.  The award winners,  in addition to getting their certificate,  are exempted from registration fee for the subsequent  mESC-IS symposium.  A total of three poster awards were presented in mESC-IS 2019.  The recipients were (from left to right) Gözde Karaoğlu (Bilkent University), Mehmet Mert Köse (Middle East Technical University) and Adnan Taşdemir( Sabancı University)

Awards Winners

Gozde Karaoglu(*)  Bilkent University mESC-IS2019
Mehmet Mert Köse(*)  Middle East Technical University mESC-IS2019
Adnan Taşdemir(*)  Sabanci University mESC-IS2019
Milos Milovic   The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts mESC-IS2018
Dusan Mladenovic  University of Belgrade mESC-IS2018
Lubomir Stano  Comenius University in Bratislava mESC-IS2018
Aslihan Güler Sakarya University mESC-IS2017
Neriman Sinan Bursa Technical University mESC-IS2017
Serkan Sevinç- Burak Tekin Gebze Technical University-19 Mayıs University mESC-IS2017
Akihira Matsuyama Osaka Prefecture University mESC-IS2015
Duygu Özdemir Eskisehir Osmangazi University mESC-IS2015
Elif Daş Ataturk University mESC-IS2015
Ayşenur Öztürk Ataturk University mESC-IS2015
Sanja Milošević Belgrade University mESC-IS2015
Yang Shen Stockholm University mESC-IS2015

(*) exempt from registration fee  for mESC-IS 2021.